Kristine is the principal and started Kurey Company 34 years ago. Over those years she has become an expert in this industry.  She was the very first promotional products vendor to Microsoft back in the 80s when they were emerging as a software giant.  She has great expertise in helping clients find great products at a best price.  She likes to think she can always find a way toward "possible", whatever the challenge.

You will find we are truly promotional product professionals.   We can manage your project with great ideas, pricing, management, accurate and timely shipping, follow up, along with accurate and flexible invoicing.   Check out our testimonials page from happy clients.

WHY THE PENGUINS?  Kristine has always liked these cool birds because they just make you smile.  But our first logo was boring type and the mugs we gave out never made it to "user status".  So ... we came up with our "K penguin" logo to help emphasize the "K" in Kurey.  There are 5 penguins - they really aren't spelling out K-U-R-E-Y, like the YMCA song from the Village People.  But if you saw them in neon they'd be twirling!

We have used just about every penguin promotional item known to man and we are always on the lookout for the next one!  Check out the pictures on Twitter@kureyco

(If you have some old Kurey promotional penguin item please share it and we'll give you a FREE SET-UP!)


NEW in 2018:  Secure payment portal for your orders $1k and under at the top left of web home page - clients are loving it.  For larger orders we kindly request payment by check.  And you can post your own testimonials on our website.

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK:  what can we do to be the best supplier you have when it comes to logo merchandise?  We are flexible and we listen to you.


WHAT'S A WINNING PROMO PRODUCT?  The saying goes "In good times you SHOULD advertise; in bad times you MUST advertise." Promotional products are a proven, cost-effective solution that are appreciated and used.  Your brand will be seen over and over again. 





Washington State WBE


Federal DBE Certified in 2014